Construction of industrial units

We design and build different types of industrial facilities

We have extensive experience in designing and building facilities which serve various purposes. A design that takes into account expectations and business needs of investors followed by construction in line with standards and arrangements are the key to success.

Construction of warehouses and industrial facilities

We have many years of experience in designing and building facilities which serve different purposes. Our warehouses and industrial units are built on the basis of our own design. As a result, they are fully functional as car washes, workshops or steel sheds.


Construction of production units

Designing a functional production unit requires taking into account many factors. One of the most important ones is to know the nature of production process that will take place in the facility. We advise on the selection of proven and practical structures. We build steel and reinforced concrete units, large-scale facilities using high-quality materials. We apply modern and technologically advanced solutions.


BTS warehouses

When we design and build our facilities we focus on individual solutions. Building in the build-to-suit system allows us to implement projects in line with specific guidelines. Convenient location, adjusted size of industrial space or rational development of the available space are just some of the advantages of this approach.



Fully functional facilities

TEL Red is an experienced BTS warehouse space developer. We help our clients design a new space so that it fulfils its inteded functions. We adjust technological and technical infrastructure to enable efficient implementation of operational processes.

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