Construction of warehouses in line with clients’ expectations

In Tel Red we care not only about the quality of our services and products but foremost about our clients and their needs and requirements. Building a functional warehouse space is not as straightforward as it could seem. It should be preceded by conversations, exchange of experiences, a series of negotiations, understanding and respect for expectations. At the same time, applicable industry standards and guidelines should be incorporated at every stage of this process.

Construction of warehouses and industrial units

We have years of experience in designing facilities for various purposes. Tel Red is a general contractor of industrial properties. We specialize in building warehouses. We take a comprehensive approach to each investment paying attention to every detail. Our clients can be sure that the project will be implemented professionally.

TEL Poland Sp. z o.o.

Industrial buildings

Construction based on our own design

Commonly developed design is a good base for a functional facility. Another important element is the construction phase. We make sure that all the crucial issues are discussed with our clients. We suggest best solutions for a given project – w do not generalize. Thanks to the build-to-suit system the solutions are customized and you can see it looking at the final product. The facilities we design and build can be used as car washes, workshops, cold stores or steel sheds. Our clients can rely on professional advice and specialist knowledge at every single stage of the investment process.

TEL Poland Sp. z o.o.

Industrial units

Construction in line with industry standards

The technologies used in the construction process are of primary importance. They determine the final effect. The choice of proper technologies ensures that the industrial units are safe, reliable and fulfil their tasks. The industrial facilities built by Tel Red are distinguished by their visual attractiveness, durability and resistance to hard weather conditions. They meet safety and construction standards. In everything we do we strive to supply the most suitable industrial space for each customer. The construction of facilities with Tel Red means professionalism at all stages – from the design phase, through construction itself to the moment of putting the facility into use.

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