Multifunctional facilities available right away

Rental of warehouses and industrial units

Check our offer of facilities for rent and find the industrial property or warehouse you need now. This solution allows you to avoid significant costs related to building the facility from scratch. It also has other benefits like the possibility to invest your money in other areas of activity.

Rental of industrial units

We aim at providing our clients with facilities which meet their expectations at good prices. Our clients can use the catalogue of available facilities for rent. We also provide access to additional business spaces, including administrative, social and sanitary ones.

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Rental of warehouses

We offer our clients warehouse spaces for rent in a good location. Kalisz is an ideal place to start a new business, not only on a local but also national or even international scale. Renting a warehouse allows you to avoid problems related to using different installations as well as responsibility for the general technical condition of the building. By using modern facilities our clients can focus on developing their own businesses.

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Modular technology

Warehouse spaces in Kalisz

When we build our warehouses we use modular technology. As a result, it is possible to change their functions whenever it is necessary. Rental allows entrepreneurs to remain flexible while the economic conditions and trends change. Our domain is the expansion of existing facilities, construction of new ones and solving problems our clients face.

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