Build-to-suit warehouses

In Tel Red we focus on individual solutions fully adjusted to clients’ needs. Construction in the build-to-suit (BTS) system means that both the design process and construction itself run in accordance with specific guidelines. Well-thought and carefully designed spaces are what clients get in the end. Tel Red is a trustworthy developer of build-to-suit warehouses. We believe that implementation of the construction project based on this methods is one of the safest investments.

Reliable developer of build-to-suit warehouse spaces

Industrial real estate constructed in line with build-to-suit approach require knowledge and experience on the part of the entity responsible for implementation. The advantage of this solution is the possibility to determine the exact needs of a given client. It allows us to prepare a design that complies with the specific requirements. This way there is no need to compromise and choose from available commercial offers. A “tailor-made” industrial facility ensures that you have a chance to use the property that fully meets your expectations. Each reliable developer of warehouse spaces built in this system is able to explain the details, apply the necessary technologies, show the advantages and disadvantages of given solutions. Modules can be composed as clients wish.

TEL Poland Sp. z o.o.

The Build-to-suit advantages

Construction of industrial facilities in the build-to-suit system has various advantages which include the following ones:

  • Choosing the convenient location,
  • The size of industrial space,
  • Rational use of available space,
  • Maximum use and storage,
  • Effective use of technological and technical possibilities of the warehouse,
  • Optimization of the production process

Location of the future industrial facility

Professional developer of build-to-suit warehouse spaces will show clients the possibilities this type of industrial construction offers. He will also help determine the best location, as this is the key element which needs to be considered at the very beginning. The client can buy land for the investment and we can help choose the area for given requirements. Tel Red offer includes a portfolio of investment areas where you can build an industrial facility, a warehouse or any other type of industrial building constructed in the build-to-suit system. You should bear in mind that the location there is little demand for may contribute to the investment failure to pay off as expected. This is why it is so important not to cooperate with a random developer. Feel free to contact us by email, phone or our contact form. We reply to every enquiry and arrange meetings to discuss details.

TEL Poland Sp. z o.o.

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