Investment areas

We distinguish a few types of plots which are meant to serve completely different purposes. Investment land is one of them and means an area dedicated to construction investments where industrial units, warehouses or office buildings can be built. They are usually located on the outskirts of towns and cities so there is no need to get to the city centre, which is considered as one of the biggest advantages.

Convenient location

We offer attractive investment areas in Kalisz. Tel Red owns them directly. The selected plots will certainly be useful as places for future projects and activities. Choosing the right place for an industrial facility is a very important step. Not all areas are suitable as investment sites. Kalisz is a city where you can develop your business on a larger scale. With Tel Red it is much easier for investors. As a company with established position on the market, we strive to meet the expectations of customers and contractors.

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Investment areas Kalisz

Perfect place for your business

Running a thriving business is not only a question of inner potential of the company but also external environment. Choosing the right location for your activity is one of the factors which matter a lot. In our opinion, Kalisz is a perfect location as a distribution point for enterprises dealing with broadly understood trade, production and logistics. The undeniable advantage of the city is a well developed base of supporting services, such as outsourced administrative and office services. Moreover, Wielkopolska has a significant economic and social potential and is one of the most important regions in the country.

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Kalisz is the centre of logictics activities

Selected investment areas

Ordering activities and optimization are two essential values from the perspective of logistics. Regardless of the company business profile, logistics activities are present in almost every possible sphere. The right location helps to minimize costs and maximize benefits. Kalisz is a favourable place for the location of distribution centres or transhipment warehouses.

The investment areas we offer are serviced and suitable for the construction of industrial facilities. The location of these areas will allow you to increase profits from your business activity. In addition to the measurable financial benefits, the location of the land will raise the prestige of the whole project. Contact us to see available investment areas in Kalisz and meet with us to discuss further details.

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