Warehouses for sale in Kalisz

We are an industrial real estate developer. We can build new facilities from scratch, we can also sell or let them. We believe that clients interested in ready-built warehouses to buy and use for business purposes will find our offer highly attractive. The warehouses for sale are ready and prepared in line with the relevant industry standards. Above all, we focus on professional consulting and intermediary services. Our employees make every effort to help clients decide to buy the most suitable warehouse.

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Attractive warehouses for sale in Kalisz

Buying a ready-built warehouse is one of the easiest and cheapest solutions. The only problem that may arise at the beginning is the availability of the right places. In our catalogue you will find a number of ready-to-use facilities. Warehouses for sale in Kalisz are located in several advantageous locations. Each of them is easily accessible. Moreover, the warehouses sold by Tel Red are prepared in line with various standards so clients may choose the facility which fulfils their needs best. There is no need to decide on the property falling short of their expectations.

Modern facilities within reach

Large companies need storage spaces. They are necessary for business processes to go properly. When you buy a warehouse, the price should not be the only factor you take into account. The quality and the way the building looks should also be considered. At Tel Red we value quality, durability, reliability and safety. Having these values in mind, we build our warehouses for sale in Kalisz. Purchasing a ready-built warehouse is the most economical solution for large business entities. It is an ideal solution for companies which are not interested in rental as they conduct long-term investments and want to be sure that they will be able to use a given property for years to come.

TEL Poland Sp. z o.o.

Warehouses for sale in Kalisz at competitive prices

Buying a warehouse is a significant but a one-time cost. Before making the final decision, you should carefully think about the budget you have at your disposal. It may turn out that the total buying cost will be smaller than that of monthly instalments. At Tel Red, warehouses for sale in Kalisz are available in various price ranges. We are also open to negotiations. Buying a warehouse is recommended for companies who will operate on the market for at least 3 years. The client will not have to wait for the completion of building process and project approval.

Soon after seeing our offer and deciding on a given facility you will be able to start using it. Buying a ready-built warehouse is recommended for enterprises that are planned for the next few years but the company does not have a strong position on the market. It may also pay off to buy a warehouse away from the company headquarters. It happens in situations where, despite extra expenses connected with transport, the total cost of building such a facility from scratch closer would exceed the cost of buying it at a more distant location. Besides, you should not forget about all the formalities entrepreneurs can avoid if they decide to rent a warehouse.

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